Since the interior or exterior of parking structures are exposed to natural elements, they usually deteriorate due to moisture temperature cycles, and contaminants.

Water is one of the common cause of concrete deterioration.

Moisture is one of the aggravation causes and alkali hydroxides that is in the concrete that causes a cycle of expansion, cracking and moisture, intrusion Al Kali-Silica reaction (ASR) is difficult to stop as notably sulfates migrate penetrating moisture and can lead to the formation of gypsum, which can lead to softening and loss of concrete, strength, and ettringite, a crystalline mineral the formation of which can result in an increase in solid volume, creating expensive forces that cause cracking and loss of coercion and strength in the concrete.

Ultimately, the purpose of parking garage protection is to stop water from getting into the concrete. Because the water comes in multiple forms. Liquid water is an obvious villain as is the expansive force of ice and snow, but water vapor can be just as damaging. Preventing any type of water infiltration is a priority.

– Waterproofing agents can be applied to the surface
– Penetrating sealers and silicates
– Methacrylate and epoxy heater/sealers
– Good solution Methacrylate and epoxy healer/sealers
– Low viscosity Methacrylatesand epoxies fill the pores in the concrete to create a barrier to liquid-water-driven
– Chloride intrusion, they can be injected or gravity fed into cracks to structurally heal them. Also, healers/sealers can also limit vapor transmission.

Enclose parking structures

Because fumes might be hazardous, Methacrylates are not ideal and we do not practice this process.

Traffic bearing membranes elastomeric)
Cause – cracking, shrinkage or more advance damage
TB membranes are the only option to address the ongoing deterioration
B membranes have two layers a base coat that provides the waterproofing protection, a topcoat protects the base membrane and provides skid resistance.

Cast in place

For a quote and select the best available surface treatments for the parking facility we need to assess the structures' characteristics, conditions and situations in order for us to determine which product offer the best option within cost. Although, we recommend that you consider initial investment and long term maintenance.

Concrete quality is important because it gives us an in on its deterioration to which it would be more susceptible.

Petrographic analysis of a test sample.
This test allows us to predict its durability and what the best protection can be selected.

Aesthetics – in simple sealer can help prevent water infiltration. Epoxy healers/sealers can cover such penetrants paint.

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